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Why do people live wonderfully long, engaged lives in the homes and communities they love?

There are a few places on earth where people live longer, happier and healthier lives than the rest of the planet. These areas are called Blue Zones.

The people living in these zones share a key thing in common: friendship. The stress shedding power of friendship is believed to contribute to a much better quality of life. On average people in these zones will travel through life with between 5 to 6 consistent good friends. People who they can depend upon.

This understanding is not only reflected in our name – it is our guiding philosophy.

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Everything begins with the perfect match.

When a new member joins Five Good Friends, we take the time to understand their needs and preferences so we can select the best helpers that match these criteria. We not only verify skills, training, and references - we look for people who are willing to go that extra mile and form a genuine connection.

We understand that continuity of care matters. You want to see the same familiar faces week-on-week. We connect our members with the best, dependable Helpers that they'll love and who can visit them reliably.

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Great care is not an individual job.

It takes a team working together to deliver our members truly exceptional care. A Care Team consists of a group of specialists committed to the key areas of our members support and help and are made up of a

Care Managers - are here to ensure the care and help we provide is aligned to your goals and changing needs.

Community Nursing Consultants - who are here to provide nursing help and support.

Helper Coordinators - who will ensure you have the best Helpers matched to you providing the same consistent help and care day in day out.

Helpers - who provide the day to day support and help in your home.

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Technology to make us more human.

Five Good Friends is the only Home Care business in Australia with a dedicated software engineering team working on building our own software applications to enhance our member's care directly.

Our app gives our members & their families amazing control and visibility. Simple and transparent information on each member's care schedule, who’s visiting the home and statements are all available at any time via the app.

The Five Good Friends app features a tailored Help Plan for every member. The Help Plan contains key information about the strategy for our member's ongoing care and goals. This information is available to all our Care Team, trusted loved ones and the member 24/7.

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Lookout - Remote care intelligence.

Every visit into the home concludes with our Helpers leaving a note in the Five Good Friends app about the visit. These notes are analysed by our Remote care Monitoring software Lookout to detect changes in health and wellbeing.

Lookout amplifys the eyes and ears in the home. Lookout works with our care team to give them more insight and information allowing Five Good Friends to focus on the most important issues for each member, with a full history, every day.

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Lookout – Connected devices.

Our carefully selected device partners plug into Lookout to provide additional comfort from unobtrusive monitoring in real-time. These products are an affordable way to provide additional oversight and are utilized by our Care Teams to gain greater insight into the best way to care for our members.

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Expert advice for your home care journey.

It can be overwhelming working out where to start when arranging home care for yourself or a loved one.

There is a range of government funding available for Aged Care or Disability Care that you may be eligible for - but often it can feel like a maze working out what’s applicable and how to apply.

Five Good Friends Care Advisors are experts at navigating these systems and can provide trusted, free advice on from start to finish.

You can call us anytime on:

1300 787 581

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