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What's in a name? Everything.

When we started Five Good Friends, we could see the challenges the home care sector was facing. We wanted to ensure we designed a completely different service and created a completely different experience. One that people would love and trust.

Ask a different question and you’ll get a different answer.

The question upon which we are building Five good Friends is "why do people live wonderfully long, vibrant and engaged lives in the homes and communities they love?" That question led us on a journey to the inspirational study, Blue Zones, by Dan Beuttner (watch it here on TED).

The study identified locations around the world where people regularly live vibrant lives in their homes and communities beyond 100 years of age. As you would expect, diet and exercise play a significant part. However, the study peered beyond nutrition and activity to examine the influence and effect of social and cultural constructs. It turns out that common to all the Blue Zones is the power and effect of friendship. The people who live in these communities on average travel through life with between five and six good friends compared to many parts of the western world where that number is less than two.

As Dan Beuttner discovered:

"Your friends are long-term adventures, and therefore, perhaps the most significant thing you can do to add more years to your life, and life to your years."

We found inspiration in this insight and so we called the business Five Good Friends. The inspiration runs through the business into the provision of help and care. Our ambition is to ensure our members remain connected to and engaged with the friends, family, community and life they love.

We are always looking for great people to join our moai and help change the way care is experienced and delivered in Australia. We need software engineers, customer service professionals, care managers and other skilled, committed and passionate people. If you want to learn more or talk further please view our current availabilities.

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Our Values

Five Good Friends

We strive for consistently EXCEPTIONAL outcomes.

Five Good Friends

We are TRUSTWORTHY because we are mindful, transparent and safe.

Five Good Friends

We leverage technology to make us more HUMAN.

Five Good Friends

We LIBERATE people and serve as a catalyst for change.

Five Good Friends

We believe in the power and importance of FRIENDSHIP.

Five Good Friends

We are real people who bring our best AUTHENTIC selves to work.

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