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What you need to know about accessing the NDIS

What you need to know about accessing the NDIS

I’ve applied to the NDIS. What’s next?

What you need to know about accessing the NDIS

Congratulations on taking the first step towards accessing National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) support.

Like anything you do for the first time, navigating the NDIS can feel a bit overwhelming and complicated. But don’t worry, Five Good Friends are experienced in this area and have helped our participants through each of the steps.

Once you’ve submitted your application, the process typically goes through the following stages.

1. The NDIS application process

Application review

After you submit your application, the NDIS will review it to work out whether you’re eligible for support services. They will be checking whether you meet:

Once they have your application, they have 21 days to decide whether you’re eligible or whether they need more information.

You find out if you’re eligible

On the day they make a decision, you become an NDIS participant. They will send you a letter to let you know that you’re eligible, whether you meet the disability or early intervention requirements and what your next steps are.

2. Setting up your NDIS plan

You have your first planning meeting

Within 21 days of finding out you’re eligible, the NDIS will contact you about your first planning meeting. This meeting is your opportunity to discuss your needs, goals and preferences regarding the support services you require.

You will learn about the specific supports and services you’re eligible to receive under the NDIS such as assistive technology, personal care help, therapy services or community participation programs.

Your plan is created

Based on the information gathered during your planning meeting, the NDIS will develop a personalised support plan. They will also look at:

  • reports from doctors or allied health professionals
  • any other assessments such as from government agencies or disability support providers
  • what support you receive from community connections

This plan will outline the services and supports you are eligible to receive through the NDIS and what funding you will receive. If you’re aged 7 or older, the NDIS have to approve your first plan within 56 days after you become a participant.

3. Access NDIS support

Learn more about your plan

Once you have your plan approved, you can set up an NDIS implementation meeting with your NDIS contact. They can help you understand your plan and connect you with government services or providers.

Another way to learn more about your plan is through your support coordinator. The funding for a support coordinator has to be included in your plan and it’s another way to help you get the most from your funding. Support coordinators can help by connecting you with service providers and streamlining the NDIS process.

Choose service providers and set up supports

Once you have your plan approved, your support coordinator or NDIS contact will help you find providers who will best meet your needs and align with your goals. Whether it's help with daily tasks, therapy services or specialised equipment, there are a variety of providers available to help you.

It’s time to schedule therapy sessions, organise transport services or choose the equipment that you need, so you can achieve your goals! Here’s a bit of a guide to what you can use your NDIS funds for.

4. What if your plan needs to change?

If you’re not happy with your plan or you don’t think it’s working out for you, you can request a review of your plan. Get in touch with your NDIS contact, support coordinator or recovery coach about the issues you’re having with accessing supports. You have 3 months after your receive your plan to have an internal review.

Your plan isn’t set in stone. If your situation changes, you can adjust your plan to make sure it suits your needs. You will also have regular plan reassessments to make sure your NDIS plan is working best for you.

If you’re new to the NDIS and would like some help, our friendly team are available to chat. Get in touch with us to talk about what services you need and how we can help.

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