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Understanding allied health and how they support Five Good Friends Members

Understanding allied health and how they support Five Good Friends Members

If the term allied health isn’t a familiar one to you, you’re not alone.

You’ve probably heard of physiotherapy or occupational therapy however, these professions are just a few that fit under the umbrella of allied health.

Allied health professionals operate in audiology, chiropractors, dietetics, exercise physiology, myotherapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, podiatry, remedial massage therapy and even speech pathology. Allied health services support wellbeing, capacity and rehabilitation in partnership with clinical support.

There are more than 200,000 allied health professionals in Australia; making up a third of the health workforce

What is an allied health professional?

If you are worried about the recovery of your loved one after an event like a fall or you’ve noticed a change in capacity in day-to-day life - it might be time to enlist the help of an allied health professional.

If you or your loved one has been referred to an allied health professional, it’s most likely because you require a specific kind of service. These services are designed to complement clinical care and promote quality of life so you or your loved one can receive the support you need to enjoy a wonderful life.

The most commonly referred allied health professionals at Five Good Friends are Occupational Therapists. OTs are often engaged to assess Members and their homes to identify their needs to any falls, risks, environmental factors in the home that could impact capacity, mobility and suggest home modifications. OT’s can recommend a range of Assistive Technology solutions to ensure Members live a longer, safe life in their own home.

Allied health professionals come to you as needed

CEO of Mobile Rehab, Helen Weston says it’s important the allied health providers can meet people in the home as required:

“This is where people feel most comfortable and where they often respond best – in their usual day-to-day environment,” says Helen.

“By seeing someone in their own home, it also gives us the opportunity to help family and carers understand their requirements and provide them with tips on how to help.”

How do Five Good Friends Members work with an allied health professional?

Five Good Friends has many Members who are working together with allied health professionals.

Members receiving funding support from the Federal Government are often eligible to have allied health services funded or subsidised by their program.

  • For Home Care Package recipients, allied health services can be covered under package funding. This can be planned as part of the budgeting and help planning process in consultation with a care manager.
  • NDIS participants, can discuss allied health supports with their Support Coordinator or contact our NDIS Care Team for more information.

Even self funded Members can work together with our team to find the right allied health professional in your community.

Finding the right allied health professional for you?

The Five Good Friends app referral tool makes it easier for Five Good Friends members to receive higher quality services from allied health partners with all their information and feedback compiled in one place.

Five Good Friends have over 260 verified allied health partners we refer to nationally. These partners have been verified, trialled, and onboarded using best practice compliance standards for Home Care Package providers. What this means for Members is Five Good Friends have done the legwork to ensure quality. We have vetted and verified partner details and entered compliance agreements with them. Five Good Friends has built a reputation on quality service, so it is important our partners meet the quality standards we’d expect for our Members.

In addition, approved suppliers are already in our Lookout software - meaning billing and invoicing is seamless for our Five Good Friends Members. Costs are transparent, and it’s easy to manage for our Members without needing to navigate complicated and often confusing billing structures.

If new Members already work with an allied health provider, we will endeavour to onboard that provider to the Five Good Friends platform so you can maintain continuity of care. If that’s not possible, we have a range of approved partners to recommend for high-quality service and affordable rates.

To find out more about allied health professionals and they fit into your plan for living well at home go to The Guide to Living Well.

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