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How it works.

I'm a NDIS participant and need support management.

How it works

Support management is where we can help you to coordinate and manage your supports and advocate on your behalf.

You will be taken care of by an expert care team who will assist with overseeing your care, matching you with the best Helpers, and ensuring that you’re on track to achieving your goals.

Achieve goals and outcomes

Engage our team’s expertise to reduce the complexity of managing your care day-to-day. We’ll remove the stress so you can focus on achieving your lifestyle goals. We can help you make the best decision about your supports and services according to your NDIS plan.

Get the most out of your NDIS plan with confidence

We can guide and support you to gain a better understanding of supports and services in your community so you can navigate your options with confidence. We’ll help you get the most out of your NDIS plan for the best overall outcome within your budget.

We’ll find Helpers that are a perfect match for you

We take the time to get to know you so we can find the best Helpers that match your criteria. We not only verify skills, training, and references - we look for people who are willing to go that extra mile to form a genuine connection. Continuity and consistency of care matters so we’ll make sure you’re receiving ongoing care from the same familiar faces.

Live well in your own home

Our experienced and verified care network can offer services to keep you living well and independently at home for as long as possible – including personal care, nursing services or allied health.

Access our network of 1000+ allied health professionals

We can connect you to our huge network of allied health professionals like physios, psychologists, speech pathologists, music therapists and more - whatever it is you need Australia-wide.

Only tell your story once

Get everyone on the same page with your digital help plan. We’ll work with you on the development of your help plan that is easily accessed via the app and can be updated whenever you like. Your Helpers will always know what’s important to you and how to best support you.

Want to learn more?

Download our care management how-to guide

Your very own care team

It takes a committed care team working together to deliver truly exceptional care that’s personalised for you.

Care Managers are here to ensure the care and help we provide is aligned to your goals and changing needs.

Community Nursing Consultants provide nursing help and support.

Helper Coordinators ensure you have the best Helpers matched to you providing the same consistent help and care day-in, day-out.

Helpers provide the day-to-day support and help around the home.

Proactive and preventative health outcomes

Lookout is our remote care monitoring technology to provide you that extra peace of mind.

It runs quietly in the background analysing check-out notes left by your Helpers and your approved care network to identify any risks or concerns. These observations raised by the software notify your care team so they can advise whether you need additional or proactive supports.

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Do you need a support coordinator?

We have dedicated and experienced support coordinators who can work one-on-one with you to help implement supports so you can get the most out of your NDIS plan.

We can offer experienced support coordinators who will get to know you and your story to help tailor and implement supports for you, connect you with your community and advocate for you when your plan comes up for review.

We charge less so you get more

Our NDIS hourly rates are less than the NDIS cap rate that other providers may charge. This means you get a whole lot more from your core supports budget.

We charge less than the hourly NDIS cap rate meaning you can get more from your core supports budget while our Helpers get an industry-leading rate even after our platform fees. You can also choose to negotiate with your Helpers to agree upon a lower or higher rate for the services and supports you receive.

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Weekdays Daytime
Weekdays Evening
Public holidays

Access to community, social and recreational activities

$56.65 /hour

Assistance with self-care activities

$56.65 /hour

House or yard maintenance

$49 /hour

Assistance with personal domestic activities

$51 /hour

House cleaning and other household activities

$49 /hour

Community nursing assessment

$105 /hour

Community nursing care

$105 /hour

Assistance with Self-Care Activities - Night-Time Sleepover

$240 /visit

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