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Self Managed

Take control and confidently chart your own course. We'll support you with all the tools you need to successfully achieve your goals in the home and community you love.

Lean on the Five Good Friends team as much or as little as you like for coaching and assistance in navigating your home care journey.

Self Managed Self Funded

You've got everything you need at your fingertips to discover, shortlist, propose and negotiate with our network of Helpers. You get to design & coordinate a schedule that works for you.





Membership Fee

This is the amount charged to administer your care depending on what level of care you need.


$25 /week

Personalised care for those with higher needs.

Coaching & Support

Our self management team can assist you with setting up and managing your services


Tailored Help Plan

A living document that is shared with your Helpers so they know exactly what to do in all scenarios to help you.


Access to Specialised Services

E.g. medication management, nursing, manual handling, hoisting, etc.


Third Party Referrals

We can refer you to nursing and allied health professionals as required.


Remote Care Intelligence

Our technology that provides oversight into changes in health and wellbeing.


Overnight care

$260 per visit

Overnight care is ideal for people who have intensive care needs and need the peace of mind of on-call care through the night.

24 hour care

$500 per visit

Have care needs that require round-the-clock attention? 24 hour care is suitable for people who don't have family members nearby or aren't in a position to assist with care.

Care managed?

View our care managed self funded pricing options here.

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