People with Government funding can now choose and change their provider.

Imagine, if you or your loved ones had access to more care. Then imagine if that care didn’t cost extra money. That would be life changing wouldn’t it? With Five Good Friends this is possible. Our unique combination of skilled and caring people with easy to technology has reduced the administration costs of care and enable us to direct more of your funding to where it should be going – your care and support. We know it’s a big decision to consider changing your care. Below are a few key points to help you understand the changes the Government has made to ensure you are getting the care and support you want and deserve.

Note: This calculator is designed as an informational and educational tool only. The results should only be used as a guide. Please contact us on 1300 787 581 for a detailed estimate and advice.

What Consumer Direct Care means for you.

Save money with your in-home care.You now own your package, not the Provider.

In the past Approved Providers were the holders of the Government Funded Packages. This has changed and it is now yours and you decide who will provide your care

In-home care provider changes, without penalties. You can change Provider without penalty

While some Providers may charge an ‘exit fee’ this can only be deducted from your surplus and if it is written into your current Home Care Agreement.

Portable in-home care packages.All packages are 100% portable

Simply put, this means if you want to move Providers you can. Because you own the package it moves with you.

No change to in-home care package levels. There are no changes to Package levels & assessments

If you decide to change Providers you are entitled to receive the same level of package that you qualified for following your ACAT assessment. New packages will still require an ACAT Assessment

You cannot lose your in-home care package. You cannot lose your package.

Once you have a Package, it’s yours. You cannot lose it if you decide to change Providers, so use it wisely and ensure you get the help and care you want and deserve.

Funding and choice is only part of the in-home care industry solution.Funding and Choice are only one part of the solution

The Government has made this change to encourage competition and foster ‘good innovation’. Make sure you understand what you are eligible for and ensure you are getting the help and care you want and deserve.

What our Members are saying

88% more hours of care per week

“Mum’s 91 and has a Level 4 package plus a dementia supplement valued at $53,797 pa. She was receiving 11 hours/week of care. We switched to Five Good Friends, now she receives 20 hours/ week! The extra care is life changing and the Help App makes it easy to schedule mum’s care, I can see when the Helpers are with her.“

Kathleen 59, Queensland

40% more hours of care per week

“We have a budget of $10,000 a year for our care that we fund ourselves. We switched to Five Good Friends because we liked their style of caring for us as Members, not just something on their 'to do list'. We also like that we got more care hours for our budget and no penalty rates for a shower on the weekend!"

Max, 83 & Beryl, 81, Victoria

Empathy and understanding

"I spent a great deal of time dealing with various agencies in the Aged Care System. I chose Five Good Friends because of the empathy and understanding of every person I dealt with and this has also been demonstrated by the lovely Jenni who helps me look after Dad."

Margaret, Queensland

Perfectly matched Helpers and continuity 

“Having the same Helpers turn up to see Dad every time is a blessing. I feel relieved to know he's getting great care from Helpers he loves. They were perfectly matched to his personality, he thinks of both Michelle and Ian as family."

Sandra, Queensland

How it works

Mother and daughter who receive Home help.

Personalised plan

Your skilled and caring Community Manager will meet with you to understand your needs. They will design a personal plan and match you to the best help.

Home help caregiver.

Helpers you'll love

Five Good Friends select the best people to help you or your loved one at home. We not only verify skills, training, and references, we also look for people who bring joy to their work every day.

Elderly lady getting Home helpHome help App.

Stay informed
& in control

Our App shows your fortnightly schedule and lets you and your loved ones know who is in the home and when. It enables you to contact your Helpers and Community Manager directly if you need to change schedules or require more help.

Meet our Helpers

"Making a difference in people’s lives is an awesome experience.  I believe Helping the aged, disabled, and supporting the community makes a better world!"

Margarita Obarzanski,
Five.Good.Friends. Helper

"I want to make a difference and I had my parents who needed support. I wanted the best for them and I’ll give the best.”

Jo Knowles,
Five.Good.Friends. Helper

"In the future I will be requiring these sort of services. I’d love to have people help with what I want rather than what they tell me I need."

Phillip Rutherford,
Five.Good.Friends. Helper

"I just want to make people happy!"

Donna Lee Jackson,
Five.Good.Friends. Helper

"It is very easy to make a difference to someone’s day. Being a companion while they go about their normal business."

Dale Kelly,
Five.Good.Friends. Helper

"Because I like to help make people happy. When they feel good about themselves they can achieve more."

Michelle Meincke,
Five.Good.Friends. Helper


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