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A great recommendation now at your fingertips.

David Herse

Head Of Product @ Lookout

We all love when someone shares with us their favourite café, the latest movie or recipe and it is no different when it comes to finding a fantastic Five Good Friends Helpers that matches your needs.

We understand that when someone is coming into your home and helping you, it is always great to know that they come with recommendations from other Five Good Friends Members.

So, we are really excited to be able to introduce to you a new recommendations feature which allows Members, loved ones and our community to recommend helpers in your local area.

Five Good Friends has been built on focusing on our Members’ and understanding their needs. The goal has always been to design and deliver a completely different in-home care and support service. One that people would trust and love. One that truly has the customer and their family at the centre.

We have always said that matching Members with the right Helpers was an important part of what makes us a great care service.

Now, with the new recommendations feature you can also get the insight of our community of Members and their loved ones.

The recommendations feature has been designed to allow Helpers to be recommended for the services they provide or for the qualities or skills they demonstrate.

It might be they are great with people who want more community access, or they too have a passion for gardening or are great at teaching new recipes.

Five Good Friends has always recognised that one of the keys to providing their customers with exceptional care is having an exceptional team of people.

With a growing workforce of Helpers, we want to keep track of quality Helpers and share that knowledge. We believe our Helpers are one of greatest assets and they agree too, with Five Good Friends recently be recognised in the annual 2021 AFR Best Places to Work Awards (Health Care Sector Finalist).

Our new recommendations feature is part of our ongoing commitment to be Australia’s best home care provider.

And now with the help of your fellow Members you can find the best helpers for you while providing your own helpers with praise and encouragement.

How does it work?

After eight visits from a Helper, the Member and their loved ones will receive an email or an app notification (depending on their settings) asking them if they would like to recommend the Helper. They will only be asked once per Helper.

From there, the Members and Authorised loved ones can choose from the services and Helper Matching attributes to make recommendations. The Helpers recommendations will appear on their profiles in the app.

Video on how to recommend Helpers on the app

Helpers will receive a notification letting them know they have new recommendations.

Video on how Helpers receive a notification on recommendation