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We want Helpers to succeed - our Learning and Development pathway!

We want Helpers to succeed - our Learning and Development pathway!

At Five Good Friends, we provide a platform Helpers love, is easy to join and acts as a gateway to a fantastic network of Members and fellow Helpers.

Many people discount the value of simple day-to-day skills that can make a person a fantastic Helper. Amazing Helpers bring patience, empathy, good humour, and a dash of life experience to the role.

Helpers can have varied backgrounds, including careers in health through to event management, hospitality and retail.

So, we understand that sometimes Helpers who join our platform might be looking for extra training and development to succeed.

Preferred Home for Health Workers

Five Good Friends is on a mission to allow all Australians to live extraordinary lives in the homes and communities that they love.

We know we need to be the preferred platform for home care workers nationally to achieve this.

We provide career pathways and upskilling opportunities so Helpers can learn and grow. Five Good Friends is committed to upskilling and training Helpers so they can confidently undertake the jobs and tasks they do every day.

Our Learning and Development Program

Our Learning and Development Team have developed our program with a clear understanding of what Helpers need to know, based on what the Five Good Membership tells us.

Behind the scenes, we provide Helper in our network with meetups, ongoing learning and development and tips and guides on growing your member base.

We also provide Helpers with dedicated training facilitators and community coaches to ensure they can achieve their goals and feel qualified to take on the workload they desire.

Most of the training is self-paced, online and crosses a broad range of topics, including basic medication, personal care, manual handling, through to how to use our magic technology and grow your own care business.

We want to partner with Helpers and create a place where Helper’s love what they do, feel valued, supported and in control. It needs to be just as magical for Helpers as it is for those wanting to remain living in their homes.

We want Helpers to succeed.

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