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The power of a great recommendation – Member and family reviews build trust and elevate talent.

The power of a great recommendation – Member and family reviews build trust and elevate talent.

We all love when someone shares a great recommendation with us. It could be a favourite café, the latest movie or fantastic recipe – getting a trusted tip is always valued. It’s no different when it comes to finding fantastic Helpers that match your needs.

Research shows that 91 percent of people read online reviews and 84 percent trust online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation from someone they know.

Our apps Recommendations feature is part of our ongoing commitment to be Australia’s best home care technology provider.

Recommend Helpers who are great!

With the Five Good Friends new Recommendation feature, Members can now let other Member families know which Helpers have been outstanding in their experience.

It might be they are perfect for Members who want more community access, or they have a passion for gardening or are great at teaching new recipes.

Our Matching feature is a critical tool for allowing you to find the right Helpers for you. We understand that great recommendations are a fundamental tool for providing families peace of mind and great home care support. Along with our Matching feature, the Recommendations feature provides a streamlined system to harness peer review and find the best Helpers for you.

Reward and encourage your Helpers

We all love to hear when we have done a great job and feel appreciated. Words of affirmation, whether spoken or written, are incredibly important – they confirm, support and uplift us to know when we are doing a good job.

The Recommendation feature lets Helpers know when they've done a great job by rewarding them with recognition for skills and traits that you think they excel at.

For more information on how to use the Recommendation feature or any other area of our app visit our Features and Guides here.

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