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Updates to your Care Team

Updates to your Care Team

Over the last 6 months we have being reviewing the way our Care Teams support our Members. We have received feedback through conversations and survey responses that there are areas we can enhance and areas we can improve.

We listen to all the feedback we receive. We thank everyone for sharing their thoughts with us. Based on the feedback we have made some changes and enhancements to our Care Teams. Our continuing goal is to ensure our Members are happy with the experience and outcomes Five Good Friends provides.

The changes we are making can be summarised very simply.

More resources, new specialised roles, better communication.

From June 14th we are introducing a new Care Team structure. Supporting you will be an expanded and dedicated team comprising of a Care Co-ordinator, Helper Co-ordinator and Care Specialist.

Please watch this video for more detail

What do each of these team members do?

  • Care Co-ordinator: This member of your team will be your key person to co-ordinate your day to day care and support. They will be your main and regular contact in your Care Team with Five Good Friends. They will be the first person you speak to after the Customer Service Team.

  • Helper Co-ordinator: This member of your team focuses on matching and rostering with your Helpers. They will speak to you about your Helpers and your visits.

  • Care Specialist: This member of your team focuses on providing clinical leadership and support for more complex Member needs. One of their key functions is to stay on top of our remote care monitoring and alerts that are raised about a Member’s health and wellbeing.

Enhancing our Customer Service team.

We have expanded and improved this service as well. We have increased the number of team members in this role. You can call the Customer Service team from 6.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday. The Customer Service team can help you with many enquiries and immediate needs such as:

  • Discussing your roster
  • Taking requests for purchases under Home Care Packages
  • Updating you on your Home Care Package budget
  • Answering queries about the Five Good Friends App
  • Receiving your feedback
  • Passing on messages to your Care Team.

If they are unable to help they will connect you with your Care Co-ordinator or arrange for them to call you at a time that suits you.

We are truly hoping that these changes will provide our Members with a great experience. We have always sought to focus on our Members and ensure the service we provide is respectful, trustworthy, reliable and friendly.

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