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How friendship inspires us at Five Good Friends

How friendship inspires us at Five Good Friends

How friendship inspired us at Five Good Friends

How we use friendship to improve lives

With a name like Five Good Friends, you’ve probably guessed that friendship is a core component of our business. But do you know why friendship is so important to us?

Here we explain how the healing effect of friendship has become our guiding philosophy and how we inspire friendship with everyone who we work with.

Why friendship?

When our founders started Five Good Friends, they wanted to design a completely different home care service. They wanted a service that centred around family and the customer and one that would help our Members live long and engaged lives in their own homes.

As part of his research, they looked into some of the world’s longest living cultures, such as the people from Okinawa, Japan. Although diet and activity play a part, one key reason these people live for so long is because they are a part of a social network called a ‘Moai’.

What is a Moai?

A Moai is a lifelong group of friends that support each other from childhood through to old age. Originally, a Moai brought together resources of the entire village to help an individual who needed it. These days, it’s more of a social support network.

Members of a Moai used to be matched together in childhood. They put together groups of five young children in a lifelong commitment. It was like a second family, and they encouraged them to meet regularly to talk, play, and help each other out.

As they grow into adulthood, Moai members are there for the good and the bad. They provide companionship, love and even financial help if someone is doing it tough. They’re like a safety net of friendship. Some Moais have lasted over 90 years.

At Five Good Friends, we want to be that Moai for our Members.

How can friendship improve our lives?

Humans are naturally social. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us just how lonely it can be when we can’t catch up with our friends and family. Research has shown that social connection is good for our health.

Studies have found that a lack of social relationships can put you at risk of premature death. The risk is as high as well known risk factors like smoking or alcohol consumption. It’s even more impactful than physical inactivity and obesity. Unfortunately, loneliness is common, with one in 6 people in Australia experiencing it.

How we use friendship to improve our Members’ lives

When we onboard new Members, we want to learn about your personality, interests and quirks. Then when we are matching you to a Helper, our matching technology can help find you someone that you click with.

When you invite someone into your home to help you, you need to trust that person. Form a relationship. We want you and your Helper to bond and become socially connected.

We want all of us at Five Good Friends to become your Moai.

Do you want to join our Moai? Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you live a vibrant life in your own home.

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