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Helpers get behind the Covid 19 vaccination drive

Helpers get behind the Covid 19 vaccination drive

In our recent interview with infectious disease expert, Dr Paul Griffin the message couldn’t be clearer – “vaccines save lives and protect lives.”

Dr Griffin was adamant about the importance and effectiveness of vaccines in fighting Covid-19 spread.

“We know that people sometimes underestimate the impact of this virus and think why would I bother getting vaccinated?”

“What a vaccine is designed to do is expose your immune system to something that's part of that virus so it's prepared or trained. “ “We need to get as many people vaccinated as possible, that’s very clear.”

CEO Simon Lockyer makes plain that Five Good Friends strongly encourages and supports vaccination.

“We have regularly communicated our position with all Five Good Friends Staff, Members and Helpers.

We took the opportunity to have a chat with some of our Helpers who have been vaccinated to explain why they made this important decision.

I had my first dose in late February and second dose mid-March. I received Pfizer.

I was able to receive the vaccine quite early on as a front-line health care worker but have assisted family members in receiving theirs. The process is quite easy, asking a few questions and allows us to choose a date and time that is suitable to us.

After both doses, I felt perfectly fine. I had a slightly sore arm after each, which is a perfectly normal experience after receiving any vaccine!

I believe it is extremely important that Helpers get vaccinated as we work with a vulnerable community. The vaccine not only assists in protecting us but those around us as well!

It was also very important to my Members whom are requesting that if I am unable to attend a visit that the Helper who attends to them to be vaccinated.

I got my Astra Zeneca vaccinations on 12th May and 5th August 2021.

It wasn't difficult for me as I had arranged it back in April and the 2nd dose was booked at the same time. I went through a medical centre who were pretty organised.

About 12 hours after the 1st vaccine, I felt unwell with the chills but no temperature and I also felt tired. I was annoyed at the time but you feel worse when you have a cold. The 2nd dose I was absolutely fine.

I think it's important for Helpers to get vaccinated not only for the important caring role of our job, but also for our family and friends. Covid and the Delta strain is effecting children now which is absolutely devastating.

My members have all been very good and all have been vaccinated. They did ask me if I was going to get vaccinated and my answer was yes. I would encourage Helpers to get onto booking your vaccination as it's taking more time to book via the South Australia Health website. No one wants to be in lockdown, it's creating so many mental health issues.

I had my Astra Zeneca first dose in March, and then my 2nd dose June.

I am a nurse employed at a hospital and it was offered to all staff so a very easy, well organised process for me. I had a slight headache for a couple of days after the first shot and no side effects after the second shot.

I feel it is essential for Homecare workers to be vaccinated. It is my responsibility to protect and care for the members as much as possible. We do not have the right to put members at such risk and I would not expect any member to employ me without being vaccinated.

My members are definitely reassured that I have been fully vaccinated and personally I would agree if they chose to decline helpers that weren’t.

Now that vaccines are available to all over 18, I feel it should be compulsory, or at least members should not feel at all hesitant to refuse helpers that are not vaccinated.

Unfortunately, the media has played on the VERY LOW risk of adverse effects with the AZ and people are irrationally scared of this. The risk needs to be explained with comparisons, like the higher risk of thrombosis from the contraceptive pill for example, and of course the greater risk of catching Covid 19 and the potential severity of the new Delta strain.

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