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Have a wonderful holiday season

Have a wonderful holiday season

With the holiday season fast approaching we want to say thank you to all our entire community of Members and Helpers.

Whatever you may be doing during Christmas and New Year period, we wanted to wish you a very happy and safe time.

For some of us, it will be a religious celebration. For others it will be a chance to have a couple of days off and some time away on holidays. COVID-19 has meant that we may have not had the chance to spend enough time with our family and friends. In some cases, with locked borders still in place, there will continue to be some form of isolation.

Hopefully it is a time for us to recharge, to reconnect, reflect on the year so far and have some time for renewal. Even if it is the small things, we can take the time to practice gratitude for what we have.

Our five top tips for the holiday season are;

  1. Take the time to enjoy the time with family and friends and reach out to those who may be spending the time alone.

  2. If you are out and about, remember to stay COVID-safe. If you are travelling interstate, remember to make sure you are across the State guidelines.

  3. Check in on your own health with your family and friends. It is a good opportunity to get a fresh set of eyes and ask them how they feel you are going. (Let us know after the break if you want us to change any of your care.)

  4. Make sure you have communicated with your care team if you are away, so we can change your rostered care.

  5. Have a lovely break.

Lastly, the Five Good Friends team are here for you over the holiday period. If you would like to make any changes to your visits or have any questions through this time please contact the Member Services team on 1300 787 581 Option 1.

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