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Getting it right for you and your family – Understanding Five Good Friends Membership plans.

Getting it right for you and your family – Understanding Five Good Friends Membership plans.

When you decide that it is time for you or your loved ones to get some support in the home, it can be hard to know exactly what services and organisational style is right for you.

Regardless of how you plan on funding these services, Five Good Friends attempts to keep it simple by offering two complementary approaches to working with us: Care or Support Managed Membership and Self Managed Membership.

About Five Good Friends

Five Good Friends helps people live engaged and successful lives in the homes and communities they love.

We do home care differently – more control, empowering technology and a laser focus on delivering exceptional service.

Our Care or Support Managed Membership Plans - what is right for you?

Our Care Managed Plans

Care Managed Memberships are all about providing extra support and hands-on assistance from our empathetic and experienced staff to our Members that want it.

Care Managed Members can engage our team's expertise to reduce the complexity of managing home care day-to-day. We'll remove the stress so you can focus on achieving lifestyle goals & maintaining community connections.

Five Good Friends wrap our arms around Care Managed Members and their families - providing assistance from our team of experts in case management, workforce rostering and finance to make administration simple, so they always feel supported.

We manage the care schedule, and our team will match Care Managed Members with the right helpers based on the preference they relay to us. We take the time to get to know our Members so we can find the best Helpers that match their criteria. We not only verify skills, training, and references - we will search for people who are willing to go that extra mile to form a genuine connection.

Care Managed Members will receive support from a dedicated Care Manager. Care Managers work closely with members on an ongoing basis to manage budgets, third-party services, and managing changes in support needs. Care Managers are responsible for Members in a locality with a cap on how many Members they manage. This ensures everyone can receive thorough and consistent support.

You can find out more about our Care or Support Managed options here:

Our Self Managed Membership Plans

Our Self Managed Memberships allows Members to take control and confidently chart their own course. We'll support them with all the tools they need to successfully achieve their goals in the home and community they love.

Self Managed Members can lean on the Five Good Friends team as much or as little as you like for coaching and assistance in navigating their home care journey.

Self Managed Members want to find and assess their own team of Helpers – so we give them control to do this via the Five Good Friends app. They simply describe what support they need and within 24 hours receive a shortlist of Helpers closely matched to their criteria. They can then compare Helper profiles, send Helpers a request, and chat directly to organise and book-in visits.

Self Managed Members have the flexibility and choice to decide how they coordinate their care. They still receive oversight from a Care Manager and support from our nursing team for reviews. But we’ll take on more of a coaching role and provide guidance, as it’s needed and melt into the background when it’s not.

You can find out more about our self managed options here:

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Five Good Friends understands that some of the most important choices in life are those that support the ability to stay in the home and community you love.

Begin today online so we can get to know you and your loved ones support needs. You can also call anytime during business hours on 1300 787 581 to talk to our Care Advice team who will be able to provide support and clarify any of your concerns.

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