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Five Good Friends MarketPlace - Delivering Better Care

Five Good Friends MarketPlace - Delivering Better Care

From our humble beginnings in 2016, Five Good Friends has grown to be one of Australia’s leading approved Home Care Providers.

This didn’t happen by accident, we have always believed that providing better care is not an individual job. It takes a committed care team and a carefully curated network of Helpers, Partners and Third-party providers to support our members to live their best life.

Committed to provide better care

What does better care mean for us? It means keep building on our technology platform and robust processes to allow our members to know who is coming into their home week on week and trust that that person not only has the right qualifications but has also been verified and is aligned with the Five Good Friends values.

At Five Good Friends, this doesn’t just extend to our Helpers, who have already provided over 500,000 hours of care; but further afield to our carefully selected MarketPlace platform, which includes 280 plus third-party suppliers.

Our MarketPlace pool of suppliers has been through a thorough onboarding process prior to becoming an approved supplier to Five Good Friends. This process ensures that all MarketPlace suppliers have been verified, agreed to our strict service delivery terms, and their compliance documentation has been checked, approved and kept on record. Not all of those that apply for our MarketPlace platform get approved; around 52% of them don’t meet our standards, as we believe, that if we have authorised someone to go into your home, then we need to feel at home with them first.

Five Good Friends is able to draw into this pool of verified suppliers and organise a range of services you may not have previously had access to with other Home Care Package providers. These suppliers range from clinical services, non-clinical services through to products.

We can organise everything for you, from an iPad, your meals to be delivered, through to more complex needs of catheter tubes or equipment. All whilst having your lawns mowed, your trees pruned, and a physio work on those niggling injuries.

Our curated network of third-party providers

Our MarketPlace platform services is available not only when returning from hospital as your needs may have changed, but is also used by the majority of our Members weekly, simply to enjoy living independently longer and give them more time back in their day to do the things they love, as it should be.

You can download the full list of services available, by category or provider name, just click on links below.

Provider list by category

Provider list by name

Need to arrange services? Speak to our Members Services Team on 1300 787 581.

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