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Be the boss - Join the Five Good Friends Helper community

Be the boss - Join the Five Good Friends Helper community

Now more than ever before, the healthcare workforce is looking for more autonomy, independence, control and more support. An environment and network where they are valued and recognised for the great work they do.

Five Good Friends helps people live engaged and successful lives in the homes and communities they love.

We know it takes a special kind of person to provide fantastic support and exceptional care to Five Good Friends Members. We call these all-star, caring individuals Helpers, and they are the very heart of everything we do.

At Five Good Friends, it is our mission to provide a platform Helpers love, is easy to join and acts as a gateway to an amazing network of Members and fellow Helpers. A platform where Helpers can love what they do.

You are the boss

As a Helper, you’ll get to do great things supporting people in your community, choosing when you do it, and earning on your terms. Set your own rates and earn more. You’ll earn an industry leading hourly rate that reflects the value of the work you do.

You get to be the boss.

You’ll have the opportunity to provide support and services to those needing an extra helping hand, while also offering the flexibility to make work fit in with your lifestyle.

We have your back

And behind the scenes, we have your back.

We'll support you with everything you need to succeed as a sole trader on our platform.

We provide opportunities to do training and upskilling so you can develop and grow in your career, Helper meetups so you can connect with other amazing people within the network and community coaches to help you grow your business.

Start today!

We want Helpers to be focused on what they do best, caring and supporting our Members.

Being a Helper is a great way to make a positive impact in others lives. On your terms.

We have Helper opportunities advertised right now in metropolitan and regional centres including Queensland, NSW and Victoria. So join our Helper community and jump online or call 1300 787 581 (option 3). We'll help you every step of the way.

Ready to start?

Begin your Five Good Friends journey today.

Begin today Become a Helper