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A Life Changing Life – Promoting The Care & Support Sector

A Life Changing Life – Promoting The Care & Support Sector

Five Good Friends is extremely proud and excited that our Member Elizabeth and her Helper Mandy are just two of the real people enlisted to share their story in a national campaign aimed at encouraging thousands more people to join the care and support sector.

The Federal Government has launched the “A Life Changing Life” multi-media campaign to address the concerns of a critical staff shortage over the next few years.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Minister Linda Reynolds told the ABC, $13.3 million had been committed over 12 months to sell the benefits of working in the care sectors.

"We've estimated that between aged care, veterans and disability, we need at least another 130,000 to 150,000 workers over the next few years." Ms Reynolds said they hadn't used paid actors but real people with disability, older people and veterans, along with their support and care workers. And she said it would bust myths about support work – including that it doesn't pay well.

"There are good salaries across the sector and there are so many different jobs available in this sector, from those that require tertiary qualifications in the allied health professions to support workers of all types," she said.

A new website has been created to encourage people to apply for jobs and the campaign extends across social media.

Five Good Friends Helper Mandy moved from banking into the care and support sector because she wanted a job where she could be of service to people.

In this video Mandy explains why she enjoys working in aged care and how it has changed her life.

Elizabeth says she met Mandy a while ago.

“We hit it off straight away.” she says.

Five Good Friends CEO Simon Lockyer said he wholeheartedly supported the national campaign to attract more workers.

“Workers in the support sector make magic happen by supporting the most vulnerable in our community.”

“At Five Good Friends, the commitment that our care staff & Helpers show is the beating heart of our organisation.”

"As the Federal Government has recognised with this campaign, ensuring the industry as a whole is able to meet the demand for aged care services with appropriately trained and qualified people is an issue facing all providers."

"We also believe that the technology we have developed, Lookout has a significant role to play in provided the professional tools and support required to attract talented staff into the sector."

Key points:

  • Australia faces critical staff shortages over the next few years, with thousands more care workers needed
  • The NDIS alone will require an additional 83,000 support workers by 2024.
  • The Federal Government has committed $13.3 million over 12 months to a multi-media campaign about the benefits of working in the care sectors
  • The campaign features real people with disability, older people and veterans, along with their support and care workers

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