Hot Weather Safety Tips

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Hot Weather Safety Tips
Summer is a time for cricket, visits to the beach and late afternoon strolls. In the harsh Australian sun, it is important to remember that we also need to take care and prepare ourselves for the extreme days as well.

We are beginning to experience record high temperatures and the prospect of heatwaves over the coming weeks. We have prepared some general information about helping our Members stay healthy and safe during this time. And don't forget that these tips can also be helpful for you!

All of us at Five Good Friend are committed to providing the best service we can and as part of this we have also written to each of our Members.

Heatwave health concerns

Extreme heat and heatwaves can cause a number of health concerns. The effects of heat related illnesses can range from mild conditions (i.e rash, cramps) to very severe (i.e confusion, heat stroke).

Heatwaves are especially a challenge as the hotter overnight temperatures that come with the regular hot days do not provide us with much respite from the heat. In addition, those Members who live alone without regular contact with others are particularly at risk. Our Members, both the aged and younger people with disability can be at increased risk during these weather conditions.


The following is a list of things to consider when working with our Members leading up to and during a heatwave:

  1. Care must continue to be delivered.
  2. Check cooling systems in the home are working effectively.
  3. Encourage Members to keep curtains and blinds closed to reduce excess heat.
  4. Make fluids readily available, encourage them to drink small amounts of fluids regularly, and avoid alcohol and caffeinated beverages.
  5. Encourage Members to eat frequent small meals.
  6. Encourage Members to wear loose fitting clothing and use sunscreen.
  7. When outside, encourage Members to seek the shade and keep the skin covered when exposed to direct sunlight.
  8. Encourage Members to avoid going out between 11.00am and 3.00pm.
  9. Offer tepid showers or sponges.
  10. Be alert for signs of heat stress such as nausea, and changes in appearance including red, pale or severely dry skin.
  11. If you have any concerns report to your Care Manager, the authorised representative (if relevant), and seek medical attention, if required.

Need Clinical Assessment?

If you are concerned about the immediate health and well-being of a Member contact emergency services as required and report to Five Good Friends when it is safe to do so.

We want everyone to be as healthy and safe as possible this summer. Following these tips can help each of us, especially our Members.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Helper Hotline 07 3532 0796. .