What to wear on your visit

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What to wear on your visit

Not sure what to wear to a visit?

Sometimes it's hard to know what to wear to a visit. This could be because you don't know what you will be doing on the visit, or maybe it's a new Member match and you haven't spent much time with the Member yet.

Helpers are required to dress in a manner that is professional, tidy and appropriate for your role. Please see our Code of Conduct

Here are some tips to help you decide what would be appropriate for a visit:

  • Check the Help Plan for more information on what the service is for:

    • Domestic assistance - wear something comfortable enough for cleaning
    • Companionship - you might want to wear something that is smart casual
    • Yard maintenance - please wear something comfortable and protective to your skin, remember to wear a hat and sunscreen
  • You must wear enclosed shoes on all visits
  • No strong perfumes or scents
  • No heavy jewellery or long nails when providing personal care

Contact the Helper Hotline on (07) 3532 0796 if you require more information.