What do I do if I'm running late for a visit?

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What do I do if I'm running late for a visit?

One of the perks of working for Five Good Friends is that we encourage you to liaise directly with your Members and their families. We find it better supports your relationships with your Members to be able to contact them to let them know if you are running late, etc. It's important that you maintain a professional relationship and record the change to the plan, we've outlined an appropriate process below.

If you are unable to arrive at the agreed time, contact the Member or their authorised representative, apologise for the delay and let them know what time they can expect you.

If it suits the Member stay later than the scheduled finish time to ensure the Member receives the full service they requested.

Check in and out of the visit via the App and adjust the times of the visit to accurately record the time you provided services and leave a note to the Care Manager.

Alternatively, you can reschedule the visit to a time that is suitable for the Member as long as the service is not essential (Medications, showering, etc).

Once you and your Member have agreed on an alternative day/time, please reschedule the visit in your app to reflect the updated time and day of the visit.