Unable to attend a visit? Here's what to do!

Helpers Holidays
Unable to attend a visit? Here's what to do!

Five Good Friends understands from time to time Helpers are unable to attend their scheduled visits with Members due to vacations, illness etc. FGF empowers Helpers, as Independant Contractors, to organise alternative arrangements. It is essential you communicate and discuss any changes with the Member or their Authorised representative. Not all Members use the App regularly and may not see schedule updates.

1. Reschedule the visit

If the visit is flexible and does not include essential services (E.g medication assistance, personal care, essential companionship support, meal preparation) talk to the Member or their Authorised Representative about rescheduling the visit for another day or time. You Member may prefer to have you visit on an alternative day to assist with their cleaning or yard maintenance rather than someone new. Reschedule the visit in your App and advise your Helper Coordinator if there is a significant change (contact details are available in the App). To learn more about how to make these changes to visits in the app visit our support page here.

Please ensure the Member is aware they can choose to have another Helper cover the visit rather than reschedule to another day.

2. Replace yourself for the visit

If rescheduling the visit is not possible or is an essential service that can't be missed, ask the other helpers in the Member's team if they are able to cover the visit. The contact details for the Member's Primary Helpers are available under the Member's Care Team within the App. If another Helper can cover the visit inform the Member/Authorised Representative of the swap and update the roster in your app. If you are unable to make the changes in the app please contact your Helper Coordinator.

3. Ask your Helper Coordinator to organise a replacement Helper

If no Helpers in the primary team are able to attend contact your Helper Coordinator immediately on 1300 787 581(press option 3) or if non-urgent send a text to 0488 849 331. Please ensure this is done in advance to allow the team time to organise a replacement Helper for your Member. If it is an urgent matter outside of business hours you can contact our Oncall service on 1300 787 581.

If you have any questions please contact the Helper Hotline on 1300 787 581 (press option 3) or text 0488 849 331.