Update your profile

Update your profile

Five Good Friends encourages you to update us on any relevant personal changes to ensure your Helper profile is current and to maximise your opportunities for Member matches.

Email recruitment@fivegoodfriends.com.au with any updates and we'll let the relevant team know!

  • New look? Email us a recent photo of yourself if you'd like to update your photo in the app.
  • Have you moved recently and need to update your address or contact details?
  • New bank account?
  • Are you due to renew your National Police Check Certificate? They remain valid for 3 years. We can check your records if you're not sure of the due date.
  • Has your availability for visits changed? Keep FGF updated on what days and times you are seeking additional hours!
  • Are you finding your roster too much and need a day off? Let us know if you need assistance managing a healthy workload.
  • Did you complete a relevant qualification or training course last year? Please send us the certificate to add to your profiel!
  • Have you enrolled in a new course in 2019 to expand your skills? Let us know as it may increase your opportunities for more Member matches.
  • Have you recently obtained a vehicle or an open licence and can now offer transport services?