Leaving notes after your visits

Leaving notes after your visits

A very important part of the help and care you provide is leaving a note that contains information on how the visit went.

Notes can include any changes you observed in the Member or information you would like to pass on to your Care Manager. Your notes are important and make a real difference in the quality of care.

Have you ever wondered what happens with this information and how it is used by Five Good Friends?

Here are three key reasons why your notes and observations matter.

  1. Keep Care Managers informed: Care Managers read your notes regularly to gain quick insights into a Member's health and wellbeing. Combined with the visit rating, notes help us detect changes and if Help Plan reviews or updates are required.

  2. Continuity of care: Notes and visit ratings coupled with the frequency and length of services help create a history of a Members progress over time. All this information is recorded in our system in a clever visual way to help us identify trends and establish when new services or care may be required.

  3. Understanding a baseline: It’s understandable that notes might only get left when there is a change or significant event that occurs during a visit. Who wants to read “Lovely day, all good, had a cuppa and chatted” over and over? Well actually…we do. Understanding what is “normal” for a Member can be just as important in understanding their current health as getting notified when there is a sudden change. If you would like a refresher on how to leave notes, visit the helper hub and watch this quick tutorial.

And of course, if a matter is urgent and needs to be addressed immediately or within the next 24hours, or if there is a risk involved with a service a Member has requested, then please contact the Care Manager immediately. After the matter is safely resolved, make sure you still document what happened in the note.

So you can see, your notes are really important. We use them, we act on them and we are grateful for your efforts in recording them. Please put aside 5 minutes at the end of each visit when you check out for a rating and note. Watch the video below for a quick refresher.