Checking in and out of a visit

Checking in and out of a visit

When you visit a member, you need to check in and out to generate an invoice for the visit, and so the family knows when you were there and for how long.

To check in and out of a visit

  1. Sign into your account (
  2. Tap on the visit
  3. Tap on "Check In"
  4. When the visit is complete, tap on "Check Out"
  5. Give the visit a rating based on the wellbeing of the Helper
  6. Make any adjustments to the "Started At" and "Finished At" time
  7. Leave notes for the community manager (if required) - If the matter is urgent or posses a risk please contact the Care Manager immediately via mobile phone. Notes may not be read for several days.
  8. Tap "Submit"

When can a Helper check-in?

Up to 1 hour before the scheduled check in time and up to 72 hours after the scheduled check out time.

When can a Helper check-out?

Any time, as long as the visit was checked in first.

What default Started At and Finished At times are used at check-out?

The Started At and Finished At times times default to the scheduled visit times.

When does a Helper have to leave a comment?

When the variance is greater than 15 minutes.

How much is a Helper allowed to adjust times at check-out (e.g. Variance tolerance)?

Up to 5 hours in addition to the scheduled duration. That is, if a visit was scheduled for 2 hours, a helper can adjust the check in and check out times so that the duration would become 7 hours.