Decision Making Series: Giving Medical Advice

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Decision Making Series: Giving Medical Advice

Helpers assist Members in a range of different ways; however, there are some cases where the best way to help is by knowing the limits of care and support you are providing.

Every day in your work as a Helper you may face situations where your Member may discuss their medical needs with you.

Giving medical advice is something that should always be left to qualified medical professionals. This applies even to seemingly simple situations, like searching online for information about a Member’s medical condition.

We’ve prepared a short animation on how to use the Stop-Think-Go decision making tool to handle potentially risky situations, and avoid giving medical advice to Members.

To enrol: Go to LearnUpon/Catalogues and self-enrol

Duration: 4 minutes

Type: Video animation

Cost: No cost

Prior knowledge: No prior knowledge or training required