Lookout - Only with Five Good Friends

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Lookout - Only with Five Good Friends

Five Good Friends has always sought to provide our Members, their families and loved ones with a new, modern and transparent home care and support service. This started with our unique member to helper matching model and App which worked together to provide our members with control, transparency and flexibility.

Five Good Friends is proud to be the first Home Care and Disability Support provider in Australia to combine a skilled care team with its own technology.

Introducing LOOKOUT™ - Remote care monitoring.

Our goal is to empower people to remain living in the homes they love for as long as possible.

You are empowered.

As one of our dedicated and caring Helpers, you have unique insights into the health and wellbeing of your members. Our goal is to empower you with our Remote Care Monitoring technology, Lookout™ to share this insight.

Your notes make a real difference.

Every time you finish a visit, the secure notes you leave about any changes or observations about a member are analysed by Lookout™. It identifies members who may need more or proactive care. This is presented in real time to trained Five Good Friends health professionals who make assessments. This information leads to benefits for the member through extra help or important changes to a care plan, so please leave notes when you check out. For more information on the importance of leaving notes click here.

Lookout™ surfaces vital information about your members.

It gives Five Good Friends the ability to see further and identify potential problems earlier. It means we are able to pick up changes earlier than traditional providers.

Learn more about Lookout here.