NDIS Recommended Helper Rates

NDIS Recommended Helper Rates

Five Good Friends is a proud National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Registered Provider ❤️ Our NDIS participant memberships are rapidly growing!

NDIS Helper Rate FAQ's

Why are the recommended rates higher for NDIS funded Members?

You may have noticed the recommended hourly rates you are invoicing your NDIS funded members are higher than the recommended rate for privately funded members or members funded by the Home Care Package (HCP) Program. The pricing for NDIS memberships is guided by the national NDIS Price Guide. Five Good Friends has aligned our pricing and recommended rates to the guide which includes different pricing limits for difference types of serives e.g. Self-Care service pricing differs from Domestic service pricing. Weekday service limits also differ from weekends and public holidays. The price guide and regulation is in place to ensure that participants receive value for money in their supports. Visit our webpage for further information about our NDIS pricing.

The Home Care Package program does not have a specific rates guide with limits, however Helper rates must be affordable and reasonable within the Member's funding budget.

Why is the platform fee higher for contracts with NDIS funded Members?

You may also have noticed the platform fee on contracts for NDIS funded Members is higher than for privately funded or HCP contracts.

  • Privately and HCP funded Members pay a membership fee to belong to the Five Good Friends platform. This covers their care management and funding administration. Click on these links to read more about HCP Membership pricing, Private Membership pricing and the expert support Members receive as part of their membership here.

  • NDIS funding is structured differently and NDIS participants do not pay a membership fee to belong to Five Good Friends. Instead they pay higher hourly rates for visits and the care management and administration costs are built into the higher platform fees. Read more about NDIS recommended pricing here.

Is my net rate different for NDIS funded Members?

  • Regardless of how the Member's services are funded the minimum recommended net rate Helpers take home is $36.75/hr after the platform fee. You can read more about what support and services the platform fee provides for Helper's here.

  • Example:

If you support an NDIS funded Member on a weekday with personal care the recommended hourly rate is $56.55/hr with a 35% platform fee. This means your net take home rate is $36.82/hr after the platform fee.

If you support a HCP funded Member on a weekday visit personal care the recommended hourly rate is $46 with a 20% platform fee. This means your net take home rate is $36.80/hr after the platform fee.

Can I negotiate my rates for NDIS funded Members?

Yes you can, as an independent contractor it is up to you to determine which rates you charge your Members. Our recommended current rates continue to remain under the NDIS price guide limits. This is balanced to ensure our pricing is competitive within the market whilst attracting skilled and valued helpers like yourself. Read more about setting your rates here.

It is important to be aware that the rates you choose must be in line with the NDIS price guide This guide sets out the price limits that apply to supports for NDIS funded participants. There are limits to the rates you can charge for different types of services and products. You can review the price guide here. Please speak to your Helper Coordinator on 07 3532 0796 for guidance on the rate caps if you wish to negotiate your rates. They will then consult with the Care Manager and Member for budget approval and to confirm if the Member is agreeable to the rate change.

Can I claim travel for NDIS funded Members?

Yes! Visit our Helper Hub post on travel for more information.