Over the past year we started discussing the idea for Five.Good.Friends. It was an idea that came from conversations with our parents and friends. We all observed that as we grow older there are tasks and jobs we can no longer do, or want to do. This change doesn’t mean a person should have to move from the home and friendships they love.

It just means they need a little help. Over 85% of Australians 60 years or older feel this way. They want to remain in their homes for as long as possible. At the same time, ‘informal carers’, most likely the eldest daughter, are looking after those who need help. Our modern world is making this harder. Caring for ageing parents and a family of one’s own is difficult at the best of times. Especially when families live in different locations. Having experienced the limitations of traditional services we wanted to offer another way, a better way.

Too many businesses are providing solutions for only one part of the problem ignoring the most important aspect of successful ageing. Remaining connected to friends. A social life is a healthy life. So, Five.Good.Friends. started. Combining skilled caring people, enrichment of community networks and easy to use technology. Five.Good.Friends. is here to help you or a loved one, when needed, at home and in your community.


After all home IS where your HEART is.

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“I get by with a little help
from my friends.”

– John Lennon & Paul McCartney