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Policies and Key Documents

Our policies are currently undergoing a review period. Those that are awaiting final approval have been temporarily removed from this page.



Quality Framework

Five.Good.Friends. is committed to a continuous improvement and an integrated systems approach to quality; aligned to all relevant industry standards, legislation and regulation.

Our Quality Framework is designed to ensure our services;

  • Remain relevant to Members, their families and communities
  • Deliver a high level of satisfaction to Members, Helpers and other stakeholders
  • Empower consumers to maintain control over their lives, surroundings and decisions
  • Lead innovation in the sector
  • Activate the community to strive for and achieve better outcomes for consumer directed care


Five.Good.Friends. Quality Framework complies with;

  • Increasing Choice in Home Care effective 27 February 2017
  • Aged Care Act 1997
  • Quality of Care Principles 2014
  • User Rights Principles 2014
  • Accountability Principles 2014


The overarching responsibility and accountability for the Quality Framework lies with the Five.Good.Friends. Directors. Within our organisational structure the responsibility has been delegated to the CEO and Head of Care and Member Services and Management Team to progress each of the components of the Quality Framework.

Each Manager assists in establishing, implementing and maintaining the Quality Framework within their areas of responsibility through quality initiatives, processes and activities.


  • Driven by continuous improvement
  • Delivers enhanced services, products and business outcomes
  • Solution focused
  • Aware, informed and proactive
  • Compliance orientated
  • Achieves our purpose of better care for those who need it


  1. Policy
  2. Risk Management
  3. Compliance and Audit
  4. Quality Initiatives and Activities
  5. Complaints and feedback handling
  6. Incident and Injury Management
  7. Member and Helper Service and Satisfaction
  8. Human Resource Management
  9. Work, Health and Safety
  10. Reporting

Our Quality Framework is controlled through review and evaluation activities designed to assess our effectiveness in delivering value to our Members, Helpers, the community and those who need care whilst ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and legislation. These controls help us manage our risks, ensure we are aware of issues and identify preventative actions and opportunities for improvement.

Processes have been established as part of our Quality Framework to encourage feedback to build a culture of continuous improvement. We will take any action necessary to rectify issues, create solutions and improve outcomes. A ‘quality escape’ is an instance, occurrence or event which is below company standards, expectations and specification requirements.

We aim to identify, record and report all issues and highlight and celebrate successes and achievements which demonstrate quality services.


Quality Framework Updated 21.04.17
Applies to: All Five Good Friends staff, volunteers, contractors and sole traders
CEO: Simon Lockyer
Date Authorised: March 2017< br>Next Review Date: Feb 2018
Endorsed by: Head of Care and Member Services

Complaints and Feedback Management Policy

1. Objective

To provide Five Good Friends Members, all workers (staff, volunteers, contractors, sole traders) and stakeholders with an opportunity to provide feedback about their service and experience with Five Good Friends.We encourage and value feedback. Complaints and feedback are encouraged and managed in a timely, fair and transparent manner and serve to guide improvements in the provision of quality services and technology.

Policy Statement

Five Good Friends is committed to effective complaints and feedback management. Five Good Friends will make it easy for people to raise issues and ensure Members, management and all workers have the skill and resources to effectively raise, action and report complaints and feedback to build a culture of learning and continuous improvement.

This Policy states Five GoodFriends expectations:

  • Awareness; all persons understand how to make a complaint or provide feedback and this is promoted as part of on-boarding Helpers and Members.
  • Approach; the community team, managers and directors are accessible, supportive and responsive to persons who wish to make a complaint or provide feedback. All forms of feedback are accepted, taken seriously and treated respectfully and without delay.  Support will be provided to the person making a complaint or providing feedback as needed.
  • Response; all persons will have the resources and tools to manage complaints effectively within the scope of their role. The person will be promptly acknowledged and relevant processes and timeframes will be outlined.
  • Process; complaints and feedback will be managed equitably, confidentially and in accordance with the associated process. An appeal can be made if a satisfactory outcome is not achieved.
  • All persons are expected to comply with this policy and the associated process.
  • Five Good Friends management team are responsible for managing complaints and identifying and implementing corrective actions and preventative strategies.
  • Where appropriate matters will be reported to external authorities and Five Good Friends will fully cooperate with any external investigation.
  • Where appropriate and practical Five Good Friends  will adopt learnings from each complaint as part of our continuous improvement processes and commitment to quality services.
  • Anyone who experiences themselves or witness behaviour in contravention of this Policy must bring the matter to the attention of their Manager immediately.

3. Responsibilities

Directors and the management team are responsible for:

  • Ensuring effective complaints and feedback management
  • Appointing key personnel to manage specific issues
  • Reporting complaints, feedback and outcomes to the Board
  • Ensuring all Members, workers and stakeholders know how to make a complaint or provide feedback

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