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Understanding Care Teams

Understanding Care Teams

Five Good Friends believes that great care is not an individual job – it takes a network pulling in unison to deliver our members truly exceptional care. Just as it takes a village to raise a child, we believe it takes a well co-ordinated Care Team to deliver the best level of care.

With Five Good Friends you not only get matched with amazing Helpers – you get a full care team of specialists dedicated to helping you live better in your own home.

Care Teams are made up of your Care Manager, a Clinical Nurse Consultant, a Helper Co-ordinator and of course your matched Helpers and Community Leads. Each member of the Care Team is able to focus on their area of expertise and apply that expertise in a well coordinated approach.

Care Managers.

Ensuring the care and help we provide is always aligned to the Members goals and changing needs using Lookout™ to detect early changes and provide responsive, proactive care.

Clinical Nurse Consultants.

Provide local nursing support and skilled assessments. They work with our Care Managers reviewing and overseeing the health of our members.

Helper Cooridnators.

Ensuring we have the best Helpers matched to our Members providing the same consistent help and care day in day out with no gaps.


Helpers are the where the magic happens. Carefully matched to each and every members, our Helpers are the people that come into your home to provide the care services you need through the week.

Technology & Lookout.

Our remote Care Monitoring technology Lookout™ analyses notes left by Helpers for signs of changes in health, wellbeing and risk. Alerts are sent to our Care Managers in real time enabling them to investigate and make changes to your Help Plan.

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