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At Hand is our new, low cost way to get remote monitoring and on demand services.

Introducing Lookout™ Connected Devices

Introducing Lookout™ Connected Devices

Lookout™ Connected Devices will represent a suite of carefully selected partner devices that are integrated into Lookout™ to provide additional comfort from unobtrusive monitoring in real time. These products are an affordable way to provide additional oversight and are utilised by our Care Team to gain greater insight into the best way to care for our members.

Lookout connected devices provide simple, cost effective ways to gain a greater level of visibility into our members care needs while respecting their privacy. Five Good Friends has worked carefully to select and integrate only the best services that help aid our Care Team and empower our members.

Five Good Friends launch Lookout™ Connected Devices with Umps Health.

We are excited to announce the next phase of Lookout™ Remote Care Monitoring. It's designed to provide our Members and their loved ones with greater peace of mind through improved oversight and earlier detection of changes in wellbeing.

Our goal is to ensure our members remain living in the homes and communities they love safely and independently for as long as they desire. Technology can now play an important and unobtrusive role in achieving this goal.

Lookout™ Connected Devices represents a suite of carefully selected smart home and personal care technologies. They include devices that notice significant changes in patterns in the home. These devices can then alert loved ones and your Five Good Friends Care Team to potential falls or periods of being unwell. They are an affordable and simple way to provide extra oversight while supporting ongoing independence.

We're extremely excited to launch Lookout™ Connected Devices with our first carefully selected partner Umps Health.

Umps Health + Lookout™ support you to live safely and independently at home.

Umps Health is an unobtrusive smart home device that monitors patterns of activity and raises alerts if it detects something out of the ordinary. Umps Health has been integrated into the Lookout™ platform to allow our Care Team to gain greater insight into the best way to support members using Umps Health devices.

Umps 1

How does it work?

Umps Health uses a set of smart plugs that fit between any appliance and the wall to measure activity and interactions with everyday household appliances, like when a kettle is used, when the TV is turned on or off or when the refrigerator is opened.

Umps 2

Be alerted when it matters.

Should variations of activity cause concern, Umps will notify nominated family and friends to investigate further. By integrating the Umps solution into Lookout™ , our Care Managers will also be notified of these changes. This additional information is important for when Five Good Friends are not present in the home. When combined with our other Lookout™ insights, it assists our Care Managers to make better support decisions, leading to better health outcomes for members.

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