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20,000 Additional Home Care Packages Expected From Federal Budget

20,000 Additional Home Care Packages Expected From Federal Budget

Multiple media outlets are reporting that the 2018 Federal Budget will included funding for an additional 20,000 Home Care Packages nationally and addition to a commitment to reduce waiting lists for Australians not receiving funding or not receiving the maximum approved level of funding.

Home Care Packages provide essential financial support for older Australians who require assistance to continue living healthy, vibrant lives in their own homes.

The Australian

A multi-billion-dollar aged-care and retirees package will be the centrepiece of a government values statement tonight.

SBS News

Mr Morrison's package will fund a further 20,000 new places for home care to help the aged stay in their own homes longer, while increasing the amount aged pensioners may earn without losing part of their pension.

ABC News

There will be a plan to cut the long waiting lists for aged Australians to get a package of services to stay at home longer rather than move to a nursing home.

Five Good Friends CEO Simon Lockyer on the recent announcement "People want to live in the homes and community they love for as long as they can. On a practical level, it is also less expensive to keep people at home with increased services then to have them in residential aged care. Every extra hour of help that you can provide to someone in the home reduces their likelihood of entering residential aged care by 6%. Not only is this what people prefer but it is an enormous saving to the tax payer.”

It is important that Individual Home Care Packages are utilised in the most efficient manner. Five Good Friends are offering members up to 50% more hours of care than many competitor providers. Dependant on your package level, Five Good Friends can help deliver up to 18+ hours of care directly to the home every week.

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