Visit by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission

Visit by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission

We would like to let our Helpers know that the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission is planning to visit Five Good Friends on Friday 6th November. The purpose of this visit is to assess whether the quality of care and services being provided to our Home Care Package Members meets the Aged Care Quality Standards. This is a standard procedure for the Commission to maintain oversight of quality and we welcome the visit.

All Members have been advised and provided with the opportunity to participate if they wish. The Commission may also be interested in speaking to Helpers. If a Quality Assessor requests to speak with you on the day, Five Good Friends will contact you first to confirm if you wish to take part. A Quality Assessor would then call you at an appropriate time and ask you several questions which may relate to a particular Member or Five Good Friends in general. If you provide feedback, the Commission will respect the privacy of your information and will not share details with us unless you specifically agree to this, or where they are concerned about safety, health or wellbeing.

For information on the Commission’s privacy policy and practices please refer to the Commission’s website here.

At Five Good Friends two of our values are that we are trustworthy because we are mindful, transparent and safe, and that we are real people who bring our best authentic selves to work with meaning and purpose. We are pleased to share this opportunity with you and encourage you to take part if invited by the Commission.