New course: Culturally Inclusive Support

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New course: Culturally Inclusive Support

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (or CALD) is the umbrella term used to identify people from different cultures, or people who speak a language that is different to the dominant language of the country they live in.

Many Australians come from CALD backgrounds, and Five Good Friends Members are no different. We want to ensure that Members get the best care experience possible, and part of achieving that goal involves acknowledging and respecting their culture and language.

This course on providing culturally inclusive support aims to inform and educate Helpers on how to provide the best standard of care possible to CALD Members. It explores the needs of CALD people and identifies strategies to deliver appropriate care and support, including interviews with experts working within the care sector.

As a Helper, you can deliver valuable support that is sensitive and responsive to your Members’ culture, beliefs, needs and preferences.

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