NDIS Maintenance Audit

NDIS Maintenance Audit

At Five Good Friends one of our values is to strive for consistently exceptional outcomes.

As a registered provider of NDIS funded support there are a range of requirements we need to meet that are captured in the NDIS Practice Standards (the Standards) that also help drive this commitment. The Standards are designed to ensure that organisations operate in a manner that provides quality support services to NDIS participants. The Standards cover areas such as user rights and responsibilities, organisational management, and service provision.

On the 21st June, we will be undergoing an audit against these Standards with an approved quality auditing body named Q-Audit. This audit will be our maintenance audit, which occurs halfway through our certification cycle as a check in to ensure we continue to meet the Standards.

As part of the process the audit team will speak with staff (including Helpers) and review a range of our documents and systems. Members and their Authorised Representatives have also been invited to participate.

Recently we mailed out a letter to each of our NDIS funded Members with the purpose of providing our Members with an introduction to the audit and a consent form for participation in the audit.

In the audit process Members and Authorised Representatives have the opportunity to participate in two ways – to have their Member record reviewed and to participate in an interview. The model for this new audit process is one of opt-out – unless Members identify they do not wish to participate in either or both of these ways it is accepted by our approved quality auditor that their record can be reviewed and they may be contacted.

In addition to speaking with NDIS funded Members the auditing team will also meet with those responsible for key activities within the organisation. They will also wish have conversations with several FGF Helpers who support NDIS Members. We will be in touch with Helpers to invite them to participate if they choose.

The audit is a great opportunity for Five Good Friends. As an evolving organisation in the NDIS space we have a chance to learn more, which will support us to continue to develop as a registered provider of NDIS funded services. We look forward to sharing with you our learnings from this audit experience.