Mindfulness Matters

Mindfulness Matters

Tips for Everyday Mindfulness at Work

Here is a quick reference list of some activities that we can do whilst at work, to develop our mindfulness practice:

  1. Do one thing well. Multi-tasking might sound high-powered but studies show that its ineffective. Switching gears repeatedly from one task to another trips up the brain and inhibits focus on any one of them. Focussing on one task at a time generally improves your productivity and accuracy.
  2. Make time during the work day to be "present". Chances are, you already do this and don't even realise it. Remember all those times you have been concentrating hard on a work related task and not heard your mobile ring? That was you being mindful and present in your moment - with purpose and without judgment.
  3. If you take lunch breaks, try taking a few bites of your meal mindfully without distraction. There are studies linking weight loss when we allow ourselves to be aware that we have eaten and are satisfied.
  4. Choose to start your day purposefully rather than letting the day start you. Once you have sat down at your desk, spend a few minutes noticing your breath and concentrating on its flow - with your eyes closed.
  5. Be present when interacting with a colleague in a meeting. This may mean allowing yourself to focus fully on the message of your colleague and not getting distracted by other sounds in the room.
  6. Walk between meetings /clients. Don't do emails or texts. Feel your feet on the floor, the air on your skin, smile at passers by, take the opportunity to chat briefly with a colleague rather than running into them in the corridor as you text!!
  7. Start and end the work day by "returning to the breath". Spend 10 minutes focusing on breathing is a great way to centre yourself for the day ahead or to draw the day to a close.
  8. Find other workmates interested in mindfulness and practice together. There may be an unused room that could double as a "Wellness Room" or meditation space.
  9. Place a few small stickers on your computer, phone, or desk. Every time you see the stickers, use them as a reminder to pause and bring your awareness back into the present moment.
  10. Find an App or Guru to follow. Some recommendations can be found at www.accesseap.com.au

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