Keeping your Members safe - Why checkout notes are so important?

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Keeping your Members safe - Why checkout notes are so important?

One of the most important features in the Five Good Friends app is the checkout notes feature.

A checkout note is any information on how the visit went, the Members wellbeing and any other observations Helpers may have made. It ensures that your Member is safe and their health needs are being met.

Five Good Friends want so ensure people live well in their homes. Our Members and their families love the Five Good Friends app. It’s feature rich and contains everything needed to collaborate on a Member’s schedule, budget, goals, health outcomes and communication with staff and helper team.

At every visit, we rely on Helpers to be the eyes and ears on the ground. Checkout notes are a critical tool in helping us know that Members are safe and well.

When Helpers complete a visit and write up the checkout notes, it goes onto the Members file so at all times we can ensure our Member’s are receiving the right care and support, at the right time.

Our members and Authorised representative can see through their version of the app when a helper checks in and checks out of a visit, giving them peace of mind their loved one is cared for.

However, our Community Managers use the critical tool in our remote care monitoring, with checkout notes being the key to ensure our members stay safe and happy in their homes.

With our technology, certain checkout notes trigger an “observation” alert to our care teams – so they can investigate and respond as needed. An observation is simply a notification to the care team. It means we can pick up changes and identify potential problems earlier than traditional providers.

It may lead to Members requiring extra help or deciding to make important changes to the Help Plan. It is why it is so important for you to leave detailed note and visit ratings when you checkout after your visit with a Member.

A great checkout note can;

  • Report in behaviour/mood and cognition which can lead to: GP review, mental health care plan, counselling, increased visits from helpers or family and friends. Increased funding if eligible.
  • Report changes in pain/mobility/hazards which can lead to: Physio sessions for falls prevention and strength balance exercises, OT Assessment, falls alarm, pain management and medication review by GP.
  • Report changes in appetite/weight loss which can lead to: Clinical review from Community Nurse, Meal delivery service or extra visits for meal preparation.
  • Report happy stories/great visits: Helps build a baseline for the Member and we can also share these with family and friends via our Shared Notebook feature in the App.

So, next time you go to write a check out note, make sure you tell us as much as you can about how your Member’s health and wellbeing.

Checkout notes are important. We will be releasing more tips and tricks over the coming days to help you write great checkout notes and ensure we are delivering quality care to Members.

We also have a video that also takes you through checkout notes, and it can be found here.