Department of Health - COVID-19 infection control training

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Department of Health - COVID-19 infection control training

The Department of Health has recently released a 30minute online training module in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. This training is for care workers across all health care settings, including aged care and disability workers, both in a residential and community setting.

The required mandatory module is 'Infection Control Training - Covid-19 There are many other modules available and we encourage you to complete any which may be relevant for your work such as the Aged Care Covid-19 Module.

This training module covers the fundamentals of infection prevention and control for COVID-19 including:

  • COVID-19 – what is it?
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Keeping safe – protecting yourself and others
  • Myth busting

Users must register, but registration is open to anyone. Training is hosted on an external site, provided by the Department of Health's trusted COVID-19 training partner, Aspen Medical.

To access the course, please click HERE

When you have completed the course please email the certificate to