How to use our technology - a guide to the app

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How to use our technology - a guide to the app

At Five Good Friends using technology to improve the quality of care is vital. We are Australia’s first technology-enabled home care provider, but we don’t use technology for the sake. We use the technology in our Lookout app to improve outcomes and customer experience for our Members.

Helpers have access to the app that allows them to manage their work and also the Members they are supporting. From creating, rescheduling and managing visits, checking a Members’ help plan and communicating with Members and their families, the app provides everything a Helper needs.

Download the app

Download the Five Good Friends app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. This will give you quick and convenient access the all of the Five Good Friends account features.

In your first week we will also send you an invitation to your Five Good Friends account. Your account will become the way you:

  • View your visits
  • Change and add visits at the Members request
  • View contact details
  • Rate visits and send notes to the Community Manager
  • Check in to let the family know when you are there
  • Check out at the completion of the visit to invoice your Members

Learn more about setting up your account here

Receiving opportunities for work?

Our Helper Team will contact you via the app to send you opportunities for matches with Members. You will be able to respond yes, no or maybe and add a comment or question about the match. We'll encourage you to then set up a meet and greet with the Member before starting services.

We recommend you have your push notifications turned on so you can receive notifications immediately for new opportunities.

You may also receive text messages about matches on our Helper hotline - 0488 849 331. Save this number!

How can you increase your Member matches?

One of the great things about being a Helper is you are your own boss. You get to set the times you can work and how many hours a week you want to work. If you want to increase your Member matches we have some suggestions.

  • Be responsive to opportunities sent in the app. Sometimes the opportunity might be sent to a few helpers so a timely response is encouraged.
  • Promote yourself as a Helper to reach out to a new and wider community that might benefit from your services.
  • Download our approved Social Media Kit here
  • Or order our Helper Promo Kit of brochures you can hand out to spread the word.
  • Fill out your Helper Profile in the App to tell our Members why you're a superstar Helper
  • Apply for an NDIS Worker Screening Check - this will increase your opportunities.

Unable to attend a visit you've said yes to?

Here's what to do: FGF empowers Helpers, as independent contractors, to organise alternative arrangements if you're unable to attend a visit with a Member.

  • For non-essential visits (e.g fortnightly cleaning) we encourage Helpers to reschedule directly with the Member, if they are agreeable, and update the App.
  • For essential visits (e.g. medication support or personal care), contact other Helpers in the team to ask if they can cover your visit. Helper details are available under the Member's Care Team in the App. Cancel your visit in the App with a note about which Helper is covering and they can add the visit themselves.
  • It is essential you communicate and discuss any changes with the Member or their Authorised Representative - their contact details are available in the App. *** If you cannot reschedule or find a replacement you must contact the Rostering Support team or Oncall on 1300 787 581 or text 0488 849 331. You cannot cancel the visit in the app without any further action, you must let the team know if a replacement is required with as much notice as possible so we can organise an alternative.Otherwise your Member will be at risk of not receiving essential care.

Learn more here.

Contact details of your Members, their Family & your Community Manager

If you ever need to contact a Member or Community Manager, you will be able to find their contact info on the visit detail in your account. This allows you to also;

  • View & change your visits
  • Plan ahead with a fortnightly view of the visits that are coming up.
  • You can work with Members and Authorised Representatives about the best time to schedule visits.
  • You can edit, cancel and add new visits at the their request. They’ll receive a SMS to confirm any changes you make.

Let the family know when you are there

One of the important parts of the Five Good Friends service is great communication with Members and their families. When you check into a visit, our system lets the family know that you have arrived. This gives them peace-of-mind that their loved ones are being well cared for.

Learn More

Make sure your invoices to your Members are correct

As an Independent Contractor with Five Good Friends, you will need to use your Five Good Friends account to check in and out of visits. This will generate your invoice to Members so you receive payment for visits.

When you checkout, you need to make sure the start and end times are correct and adjust them if there are any changes.

Learn More

How and when will my payments be processed?

  • When you check in and out of your visits in the App this automatically generates an invoice to the Member.
  • Make sure all visits are checked out of on the day, preferably in real time. If you have outstanding visits you haven't checked out of by Sunday night this will delay payment. Don't worry we'll send you a text reminder!
  • As an independent contractor it is up to you to determine the rates you wish to charge for the Members you Help. We have recommended rates you can choose to charge or you can negotiate different rates per member. Learn more about setting your rates here.
  • Payments are processed fortnightly. Depending on which bank you are with your pay may arrive in your account on either the Monday or Tuesday of payment week. Processing of payments may be delayed if there is a public holiday in the payment week.
  • Next payment date is always available on the Hub here.

The difference a great check-out note can make

A very important part of the help and care you provide is leaving a note in the app at the end of your visit that contains information on how the visit went, the Members wellbeing or any other observations. Your notes ensure we are focused on the right people at the right time and provide the opportunity for early intervention.

Every time you finish a visit, the secure notes you leave about any changes or observations about a member are analysed by our remote care monitoring system Lookout™. It identifies members who may need more or proactive care. This is presented to trained Five Good Friends health professionals who make assessments. This information leads to benefits for the member through extra help, equipment or important changes to a help plan, so please leave notes and accurate visit ratings when you checkout.

Learn how to write a great check-out note here.**

More questions?

We have a dedicated team who are there to support and assist you, so you can focus on what matters most - providing support and care to Five Good Friends Members.

Our Helper Team provides you with meetups, learning and development and tips and guides on growing your member base. They can also help you in the first couple of weeks get a better understanding of how to use our technology.

You can contact the Helper Team through Customer Support Services 1300 787 581 or text 0488 849 331. You can also send an email to our dedicated Helper email [email protected] and one of the Team will get back to you.