Ensuring your Members Health and Wellbeing - How to write a great checkout note?

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Ensuring your Members Health and Wellbeing - How to write a great checkout note?

A checkout note is any information on how the visit went, the Members wellbeing and any other observations Helpers may have made. It ensures that your Member is safe and their health needs are being met.

Recently, we talked about the importance of our check out note feature in our first article as part of this series. Here we are going to go through some of the important elements to include in your checkout note.

How do I leave a checkout note in the app?

When you arrive for your visit, you will check in on the app.

When you go to leave the visit, you will need to press checkout. You will be prompted with the question, Have you noticed any changes or do you have any concerns? Please answer yes or no.

If your answer is yes, please enter your note. We will explain a little later what are some things to include.

If your answer is no, you will be asked the next question Is there anything else you want to report? Yes or No.

Again, if you answer is yes, please enter your note. If your answer is no, the app will finish up your visit.

You will then be prompted for a rating with the question Overall how was your visit today with your Member and five stars. One star indicates the visit was not great and five stars means all went well with your Member.

What should I write about in a checkout note?

The check out note you leave should reflect what happened during the visit.

Checkout notes include any changes you observed in the Member, their life, health or home. Your observations can range from their physical or emotional well-being, behaviours of concern, participation in activities, feedback from medical appointments, dietary notes or medication support provided.

It doesn’t have to be the bad stuff either. Understanding what is “normal” for a Member can be just as important in understanding their current health as getting notified when a sudden change occurs.

A great tool to help you write your check out notes is to think about the W's - Where did it happen? When did it happen? What happened and how did you respond? Why did it happen? How did it happen?

Areas of observation

Here are some examples of changes, observations or general health and wellbeing considerations you may comment on in your checkout notes:

Emotional well-being, mood, cognition and mental health John said he has been feeling anxious this week and has made an appointment with his psychologist. I noticed his face looked pale and his hands were clammy.

Changes in behaviour or behaviours of concern Mary has been asleep in bed when I've arrived for my visits at 11am for the past 2 weeks. She is usually up and ready for the day when I arrive and has often already been out for a walk. Mary said she's been feeling tired and wants to stay in bed.

Mobility I observed John was unsteady on his feet today and held onto my arm while we did the shopping.

Personal care and appearance I noticed Mary was wearing the same clothes as yesterday and said she had not showered for a few days.

Skin integrity John has a cut approximately 2 cm on this left hand, it appears red and bruised. John said he knocked his hand in the garden yesterday against the fence and cut it. He had not applied any first aid and the cut was uncovered. I encouraged John to make an appointment with his GP to have it looked at, he declined.

Appetite, meals and diet John had not eaten the dinner I left for him yesterday afternoon. I cleaned out the fridge today as there was out of date food and several uneaten meals. John said he hadn't felt like eating much recently.

Goals progress Today I supported Mary to signup for a painting class at the local community centre. She has been regularly saying she wants to meet new people and make friends in her area and she would love to learn to paint.

Hazards and safety The garden tap on the left hand side of the house is leaking making the path continually wet and a slip hazard.

Please remember: For issues such as roster changes, call back requests, taking time off please do not use checkout notes for this function. Contact the Care Team via the details in the app.