Do you want to know more? Here's what's new at Five Good Friends.

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Do you want to know more? Here's what's new at Five Good Friends.

Do you have your hand in the air and are bursting to ask us a question?

Whether you have on board as a new Helper or have been with us for some time, you might have questions about our Membership and how it works? Or a Member might ask you where to find information on our app or website and you're just not sure where to look?

We are grateful for the important work you do every day supporting our Members to live at home in the communities they love. As part of our ongoing partnership with you as a Five Good Friends Helper, we wanted to keep you in the loop and share with you some changes.

We recently announced that we have expanded our service offering to better meet the needs of people who require care and support in their home. In September, Five Good Friends co-founder and CFO, Nathan Betteridge held several Helper Webinars regarding our membership plans.

Since then, the Five Good Friends Marketing Team have been busy updating some of our information to Members and their loved ones.

What is new?

Over the last 12 months, we have seen a steady increase in potential new Members who want to manage their care and support themselves. This style of delivery is called Self Management.

We want to support these new Members and families who have the confidence and desire to take more control of their care and support. At the same time, we want to create new opportunities for our Helpers to do more of the important work they love.

From 1st of September, we welcomed new Members who wish to self manage their care to sign up to Five Good Friends through our website and find Helpers who are matched to their needs.

What is in a Membership Plan?

As Helpers, we understand it is important that you know what type of Membership Plan your Member is on and what that means for you and them.

We have two types of Plans Care Managed and Self Managed, if you click here you can find out how it works.

Our Membership Plans have been developed into six key categories and you can click through to the new membership brochures on our website. These membership brochures can all be downloaded.

Care Managed HCP

Care Managed Self Funded

Support Managed NDIS

Self Managed HCP

Self Managed Self Funded

Self Managed NDIS

Our How-To Guide's

We have also developed two easy to read and simple How-To Guides for our Members.

The How-To Guides outlines how together Five Good Friends plan on working together with Helpers and our Members support them and their loved ones’ needs. The guide will help Members understand how we can assist and what tools they have at their disposal.

Self Managed How-To Guide

Care Managed Manual How-To Guide

It is a great idea for you as a Helper to take the time to take a look so you know what your Members are expecting and so you are all on the same page.

Our Refreshed Website

When going online to the Helper Hub, you may have noticed the Five Good Friends website has been updated.

We wanted to make sure that Members and Helpers alike, can come on board as simply as possible. We also wanted to share more news and stories that matter to them.

Member Sign-up We have refreshed how Members can sign up through our Begin Today button. Of course, our Care Advisers are always keen to chat if people need to understand how we can support them.

Our new blog We have also been busy sourcing lots of information, resources and stories on our new and refreshed blog. We cover topics across everything including aged care and disability, health and wellness, policy and sector news through to the Five Good Friends philosophy and approach.

Marketing Materials for Helpers

Getting the word out about the great work you do is easy when you shout from the rooftops.

To help you do that, you can order the Five Good Friends promotional kit here. Our social media kit gives you tips and tricks on how to jump on board to social media. We are on all the social media channels including Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin. So you can jump on board and comment or tag us in one of your posts.

Know someone who needs help and would benefit from the services we provide? Do you know someone who would make a perfect Helper with Five Good Friends? With our new referral program you can refer new members and helpers and receive a $50 gift voucher.

We have also made it easier for Helpers to sign up to Five Good Friends making it easier for potential Helpers to start the journey with Five Good Friends.

Learning and Development

We understand that Helpers have come from all walks of life. Whether you are just beginning as a Helper, or you have worked in the home care sector before we have learning and development material for you.

We have a dedicated team developing educational resources for Helpers and opportunities to upskill so they can be matched with more members. We havealso launched free new courses for Helpers including Basic medication and
Medications – dose administration aids. Click on the links and you can self-enrol.

We are developing new learning and development material which we will continue to place on the Helper Hub.