Decision Making Series: Working with Pets

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Decision Making Series: Working with Pets

The health benefits that pets bring to humans has been widely researched. Scientific studies show that spending time with pets can produce significant physical and emotional responses across all age groups. And this is especially true for older people and those living with a disability living in the community.

The value an animal can bring to a person’s life can’t be underestimated.

It’s actually pretty amazing when you stop and think how the simple act of caring for a pet can produce such powerfully positive reactions in our loved ones. We wrote here about four well researched benefits of living with a pet.

Pets bring joy to so many of us. As a Helper they can also be a source of risk during your visits which requires some consideration around boundaries.

Whether you’re thinking about bringing your own pet to a visit, considering a Member’s request to care for a pet while they’re away, or wondering how to behave around a Member’s pet, it’s important to be aware of your boundaries and follow Five Good Friends policies to keep you and your Members' safe.

We have a short, animated module will walk you throw how to use the Stop-Think-Go decision making tool to handle potentially risky situations involving pets during your visits.

To enrol: Go to LearnUpon/Catalogues and self-enrol Duration: 4 minutes Type: Video animation Cost: No cost Prior knowledge: No prior knowledge or training required

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