Your Social Media Kit

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Your Social Media Kit

Spreading the word about the work you do through social media

As a Five Good Friends Helper, we want to support you to run your business as smoothly as possible, so you can focus on delivering the world class personal care and support our Helpers are known for.

We’ve created this Social Media Kit to assist you in reaching out to a new and wider community that might benefit from your services. With this tool, you’ll be able to start the conversation across different platforms and connect with community groups and other potential members in a more pesonalised way.

To start using this kit, please familiarise yourself with the posting guidelines. They outline how to engage in digital conversations, include a sample of the approved images and their associated text; plus the main links to use when directing customers to the Five Good Friends website. You can post on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter, the choice is yours!

Click to download your Social Media Kit

Don't forget to tag @fivegoodfriends and use any of the following the hashtags #imahelper #homecare #disabilityservices #agedcare.