What is the FGF Platform Fee?

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What is the FGF Platform Fee?

At Five Good Friends we connect Helpers to Members who are living in their local community and are seeking help to maintain their freedom and quality of life at home. Helpers pay a reasonable fee to have access to the FGF platform and the ongoing support and opportunities this provides for them in running their own business as a carer.

What is the FGF Platform Fee?

FGF deducts a percentage of the hourly rate you invoice to your Members. This fee contributes to covering many of the expenses you would usually have as an independant contractor. FGF takes care of much of the groundwork and administration so you can focus on being a wonderful Helper for your Members.

What benefits does the Platform Fee provide for Helpers?

  • Access to the platform to be matched with Members you will enjoy helping. You have the flexibility to choose which matches you accept & the hours you work.
  • Relevant insurances (as per the Helper Brokerage Agreement section 11)
  • Invoicing technology via the FGF App and administration support from our Finance Team. Your invoices and earnings are available to view in the App.
  • Guaranteed payment for the invoices you generate each fortnight.
  • Assistance with debt collection.
  • Ongoing marketing to generate more FGF Memberships and opportunities for matches.
  • Access to a skilled Care Team to support you in working with your Members including other Helpers in your teams, a Care Manager, Clinical Nurse Consultant and Helper Coordinator.
  • An App to create, reschedule and manage your visits and schedule.
  • Oncall support - FGF is available 24/7 to Helpers via our Helper Hotline 1300 787 581 option 3 or texting hotline 0488 849 331
  • Backup support from our rostering team if you are unable to attend services and cannot reschedule or cover your services.
  • Training and library of online learning modules to expand your skills as a Helper.
  • Safety and risk assessments completed in all Member homes.
  • Help Plans to use as a guide in supporting your Members.

How much can I expect to be deducted from my rate for the Platform Fee?

The Platform Fee is generally 20% for matches with Members who are privately funded or have a Home Care Package. The fee may be higher for matches with NDIS Members as their funding structure is different and they may not pay a Membership Fee to FGF. The fee can be up to 35% for NDIS matches however your hourly rate will be higher and your net take home rate will always be equivalent to or above the standard recommended net rate of $36/hr.

How do I know what Platform Fee I'm paying for my visits?

Every visit shown in your schedule in the App has an Invoice Summary outling what the member will be charged, the Platform Fee and the amount you will take home.

Do I still pay a Platform Fee if I am not matched with any Members or am not working for a period?

No, you will not be charged any fees unless you are generating invoices for Member visits in the App.

If you have any queries regarding the Platorm Fee please contact your Helper Coordinator on 1300 787 581 (press option 3)