The Power of Food!

The Power of Food!

The Power of Food

How often do we face a new year and commit to a new exercise fad or diet- the famous new year’s resolution!

One resolution that you may want to consider for 2021, is looking at the food you eat. It's simple little things that we already know, but its nice to be reminded. Managing better nutrition helps maintain your concentration, productivity and energy levels throughout the day.

When making dietary changes, they need to be sustainable to reduce health risks, increase vitality and promote health.

So…..some of the things we can consider to improve our nutritional state are:

  1. Eat fruit and vegetables everyday
  2. Don’t over fill your plate, as was found in the Bluezones, eat until you are 80% full
  3. Fats can be healthy, consider those from olive oil, avocado and fish
  4. Eat wholegrain, high fibre foods. Choose brown rice, wholemeal pasta and wholegrain bread
  5. Make water your drink of choice
  6. If you are going to snack, choose low fat, low sugar options

A few small and simple changes can make a huge difference not just to your waistline but to your mental health too!