Public Holiday Visits for NDIS Members

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Public Holiday Visits for NDIS Members


I have a visit with an NDIS funded Member that falls on a public holiday, will it be cancelled?

Any visits that fall on a public holiday will go ahead as normal unless the Member or your Care Team advise otherwise.

Many Members require essential services such as personal care support and medication prompting which must be provided everyday, including on public holidays. If you are providing an essential service please confirm with the Member or Authorised Representative that the visit is required, remind them it is a public holiday.

If you are providing a non-essential service such as domestic cleaning or yard maintenance we suggest you reschedule these services with your Member to another day. For more information on how to reschedule visits in the App visit our Helper Hub support page here.

Can I charge a higher rate for public holiday visits with NDIS Members?

The NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency) sets price limits for certain NDIS supports to ensure participants obtain reasonable value from their funding package. The NDIS Price Guide identifies the maximum prices that participants can be charged for services. There is provision in the Price Guide for Helpers to charge higher rates on public holidays for certain types of services if budgeted and approved (NDIS Domestic, Assisted Domestic and Yard rates are not included). Please confirm with your Member if you wish to charge a higher public holiday rate and advsie your Helper Coordinator on 07 3532 0796.

Recommended default rates for visits falling on public holidays

  • NDIS Public Holiday Self Care - $115/hr
  • NDIS Public Holiday Social - $115/hr

How do I charge the higher recommended rate for my visits with NDIS Members on public holidays?

  1. Follow the usual process to check out of the visit on the revelant public holiday day.
  2. At the final stage of check out 'Create an invoice for this visit' change the Rate from Standard Hourly to the relevant rate ie NDIS Public Holiday Self Care or NDIS Public Holiday Social.
  3. If you cannot see either of these rates to select from the dropdown menu please text the Helper Hotline on 0488 849 331 for assistance.

If you would like to negotiate a different rate to the relevant recommended NDIS price please contact your Helper Coordinator on 07 3532 0796

I am unable to attend visit on a public holiday visit, what should I do?

Public holiday visit cancellations are treated the same as any other day. Please follow the normal cancellation process here.

For further support please contact your Helper Coordinator on 07 3532 0796.

Thank you to all our wonderful Helpers who provide essential services to our Members on public holidays, it is truly appreciated.