Policy Updates

Quality and Compliance
Policy Updates

Our quality team have recently update two of our key policies:

  1. Drug & Alcohol Policy
  2. Driving & Community Access Policy

Please review to ensure that you are across these. Below outlines the key changes:

Drug & Alcohol Policy

  • Clearly identifies when alcohol can and cannot be consumed by workers.
  • Five Good Friends has zero tolerance for workers to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol when providing any services or support to Members.
  • Modest consumption of alcohol is acceptable at approved work gatherings.
  • Provides clear instruction to assist Managers to enforce this policy if they suspect a worker is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • If Five Good Friends suspects a worker is under the influence of alcohol or drugs while at work, we may require the worker to undergo an appropriate test. The test will be conducted by the worker’s treating medical practitioner.

Driving & Community Access Policy

  • Now incorporates relevant information from the WHS Policy.
  • The language has also been been made more generic as it applies to all workers.
  • New requirement that the vehicle has to be in a suitable and appropriate condition to transport Members (i.e. the vehicle must be reasonably clean).
  • Workers must identify any risks associated with driving during the course of work and implement strategies to minimise or eliminate the risks associated with driving (e.g taking breaks from driving, not driving when fatigued, driving within speed limits.)

Contact the Helper Hotline on 1300 787 581 (option 3) if you have any questions.