Order Personal Protective Equipment - PPE

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Order Personal Protective Equipment - PPE

Five Good Friends has been able to secure quantities of masks and gloves from the personal protective equipment (PPE) national stockpile that we wish to make available to you.

As independent contractors, we ask that you obtain your PPE independently. If you are unable to acquire your own PPE and have exhausted all available options, you can place an order through the PPE Pack Order Form and Five Good Friends will deliver one of our "PPE Packs". The contents of the stockpile packs are free, however the cost of delivery will be covered by the Helper. Delivery costs are listed below and are also available to be viewed on the order form.

Once you place an order for one of these packs, the cost will be deducted from the next fortnightly payment run.

Once the stockpile PPE has been exhausted, should it be difficult to source your own PPE, we will be able to supply these to you at full cost. Please don't hesitate to contact your Community Coach to understand the Five Good Friends Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedure.

You can purchase one of four different sized PPE Packs. We have also sourced some additional PPE to assist you supporting and caring for Five Good Friends Members.

The contents and pricing of each package is as follows:

Personal Protection Equipment available to order - Stockpile Available

Pack Options

Small PPE (S) Pack Contents - 10 Masks + 20 Gloves + 20 Aprons Delivery fee - $10

Medium PPE (M) Pack Contents - 25 Masks + 50 Gloves + 50 Aprons Delivery fee - $15

Large PPE (L) Pack Contents - 50 Masks + 100 Gloves + 100 Aprons Delivery fee - $20

Extra Large PPE (XL) Pack Contents - 100 Masks + 200 Gloves + 100 Aprons Delivery fee - $25

PPE Sourced by Five Good Friends

50 pack of Masks Pack Price incl delivery - $50

35 Pack of N95 masks Pack Price incl delivery- $35

2 Pack of COVID-19 Rapid Saliva Test Pack Price incl delivery $30

1 COVID-19 Rapid Saliva Test Price incl delivery - $15

1 pair of Protective Eyewear Price incl delivery- $10

1 pack of Aprons Price incl delivery - $2

To ensure you are always up to date with PPE requirements, please visit our Standard Operating Procedure for guidance on how and when to use PPE.

You can view a demonstration video from the Department of Health on how to wear PPE for aged care workers here