Invoicing Travel Expenses for NDIS Members

Participant Travel Claim Form

Depnding on your NDIS Member's funding you may be able to charge for travel costs when providing transport services or support to a Member during a visit.

You must obtain prior approval from the Member's Care Team before submitting a claim

Participant Transport

If a helper is asked to transport an NDIS participant or accompany them on transport as a part of a community participation social visit you may be able to invoice for transport costs if:

  1. The product type for the visit in the App is NDIS M-F Social, NDIS Saturday Social, NDIS Sunday Social or NDIS Public Holiday Social.
  2. The Member's NDIS Plan and Service Agreement allows for this.

You may be able to claim for the following travel costs:

  • Parking
  • Taxi
  • Public Transport
  • Vehicle mileage $0.78 per Km reimbursement

How do Helpers claim reimbursement for participant transport?

  1. Obtain prior approval from the Member's Helper Coordinator or Care Manager (details available in the app). They must confirm that the budget and support agreement permits the claim. To request approval text the details via the Helper Hotline on 0488 849 331.
  2. Record the relevant cost incurred during the visit. For instance record your vehicle mileage during the visit while the Member is in the vehicle. You may like to keep a logbook or use a mileage tracker app for your own records. Retain any receipts for parking/public transport/taxis.
  3. Submit a claim using this form. This payment will be processed on the subsequent helper payment run on the following fortnight.

If you do not obtain prior approval we may not be able to approve reimbursement.